Will To Power Dev Blog #2

Networking… 1 step forward and 2 steps back…

Last week I thought uLink would be a good choice since Rust uses it and Rust is a big influence for Will To Power. However when it came down to it, uLink is no longer supported.

So I had another look about and found Forge Remastered. I had heard of Forge before but never really paid it much attention but then I found out that they have made it completely opensource. It’s on Git so I can get access to the source, I can also get support and report bugs etc.

Forge Remastered…  Where are we at so far?

So far I’ve managed to get back to the point I was at with uLink pretty much.  We have a master server which is used to populate the server browser in the client.  This is all working now.

What next?

Next I am working on the player spawning system, which I hope to get done before the next Dev Blog so hopefully I can have some players running around the map soon.

That’s all for now.


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