Will To Power Dev Blog #3

​Master Server & Client Server Browser

Made some improvements to the server browser, the code is now more inline with forge’s way of doing things so now uses threading, allowing you to still interact with the menu whilst it’s being  populated.

Upon pressing connect the loading screen is now displayed.  Next I need to setup the…

Player Spawn Menu

​I’ve created the basic player spawn menu asset.  Upon being accepted by the server this screen will be displayed if you have not played on the server yet or if you died.  If you have logged out or disconnected you will remain in the map as a sleeper and upon connecting will spawn into to the position that you logged out at, unless of course, you were killed whilst sleeping.

Once you can spawn into the world and place deployables items down, such as beds, you will then be able to select them in the spawn menu and spawn there.  Additionally, once you are a citizen of a settlement you will be able to spawn at a tavern if any exist.


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