31st July 2017

Will To Power

(Will To Power is in the prototype stage so any of the features below could change at any point.)

What is Will To Power?

Will To Power is a Survival Game with a difference.  It’s set in the medieval period after the fall of the Roman Empire.  The land is scattered with the ruins of old roman bath houses, aqua ducts, amphitheatres and scarred with roads that once connected towns and cities together.

The fall of the empire was quick and left a power vacuum in it’s wake, leaving the lands in a state of chaos and lawlessness.

Do you have the will to restore law and order?

What are Will To Power’s main features?

First Person – The game is first person only.

MultiPlayer – So far there is only an online version being developed.  Possibly MMO, need to test the server once more features are implemented.

Survival – Night & Day Cycles, Seasons, Weather, Health, Stamina, Blood, Hunger, Thirst, Temperature, Building, Gathering, PVP.

Settlements – Settlements will be focal points in the world.  They are created by players and the founder is in charge.  You can accept or decline new citizenship requests.

  • Name – Name your settlement.
  • Level – Settlements level up and when they do your territory expands.  Settlements start out as Villages, then progress to become Towns and finally Cities, e.g. Village -> Town -> City.  If your territory expands and that area is already someone elses, it will remain their’s unless you conquer it or merge through an alliance.
  • Experience – Settlements gain experience allowing them to level.  Experience is gained by the actions of citizens.
  • Technology Points – Points which can be used to unlock new technologies.
  • Laws – Set laws, forbid certain acts, ban certain items.
  • Alliances – Create trade deals, peace treaties or merge with other settlements.
  • Enemies – Wage war, Ransom Important Prisoners, Conquer and take over other territories.
  • Economy – Real world economy, buy low and sell high at other settlements, shops, markets and auction houses.
  • Currency – Trade, Coins, Exchange Rates.
  • Taxes – Set tax rates.  Grow wealthy and become a large City.
  • Titles & Roles – Assign citizens roles and award them titles.
  • Citizens – Citizens work and pay you taxes when inside your territory.  Dual/multi citizenships will also be possible.
  • NPC Guards – Employ guards to help protect your settlement, setup guard stations and patrol routes.
  • Residential Housing Plots – Rent or buy existing properties inside settlements.
  • Commercial Building Plots – Setup your own shop.
  • Industrial Building Plots – Keep the noisey, air polluting buildings away from your residents and shops.

Trade Skills – Level up your trade skills and sell your produce for coin.  Sell goods on the market until you can afford to buy or rent a shop in the commercial district.

  • Mining
  • Wood Cutting
  • Black Smithing
  • Enchanting
  • Jewel Crafting
  • Gem Cutting
  • Engineering
  • Skinning
  • Leather Working
  • Clothier
  • Alchemy
  • Brewing
  • Architect
  • Building
  • Scribe

Player Skills – Players have a wide choice of skills they can level (may or may not limit the amount they can learn).

  • Politics – Discuss the issues of the day with other group leaders or politicians.
  • Order – Maintain order by arresting wanted criminals and guarding settlements.
  • Lock Picking – Pick locks within your skill range.
  • Sneaking – Sneak to reduce the noise you make and also to reduce your visibility.
  • K – Knock out unaware players and npcs.
  • Backstab – Damage multiplier for stealth attacks.
  • Awareness – You ability to sense things around you such as people sneaking.
  • More TBA

Other Random Information

  • Engine – Unity3D